Craftiness is Not Optional

I came across this arts and craft ideas for seniors and it reminded me of the classes held at a Boca Raton care facility that were favorites among the residents. Beading and knitting is a fun, creative activity for seniors and even if they are unable or unwilling to participate, just watching others and getting involved in the conversations was a good time for everyone. Craftiness is Not Optional also offers recipes ideas for those that love spending time in the kitchen. 


  1. This is great! I think there are so many benefits in activities like this to seniors. I want to suggest this to my mom's hospice. I think they'd both enjoy doing crafts together!

  2. Awesome post! Little activities like this are so great for seniors. I work in the assisted living and home care industry myself, and we always encourage our caregivers to run activities like these with the seniors they are caring for. Keeps the mind sharp and is great fun!