Caregivers Can Limit the Over-Medication of Seniors

In the following article, the AARP reports that it is not uncommon for older adults to be over-medicated and to experience adverse reactions to the ever-lengthening list of medications they take. 

Although it is sad to say this this problem is a way that institutions have dealt with patients on a general basis due (especially where staff is limited), this problem also suggests why having home care can really help to offset unneccessary medication intake. Having a good caregiver can help your senior become monitored regularly and correctly where each sign of over medicating or improper medication can be observed. A good caregiver's job is to help a senior feel naturally better, physically and mentally, with as little dependency on medication as possible. 

Click on the link below to access a full list of both prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals to which seniors should pay especially close attention.  

Too Many Pills: Are We Overmedicated As We Age? 

Have you considered this a problem with your own loved one that needs care? What do you think could be done to keep them from being over-medicated in insitutions?