Dementia Care Takes a Professional

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Providing dementia care | Alzheimer's care for someone can be one of the most daunting tasks for a caregiver. In many unfortunate scenarios, an elder could be abused or neglected because the care provider is not intuitive or experienced enough. That is why we at A Family Member HomeCare Agency hold the strictest guidelines when it comes to selecting top performing home helpers, personal assistants | nurses, and senior caregivers before we send them throughout the Broward County, Palm Beach County, and Miami-Dade County to perform a variety of senior care services.

Our alzheimers and dementia care in-home helpers:

• understand that it is the disease, not the client, that is the cause of the new behavior.
• manages the client by always remaining objective and calmly communicating using patience, understanding, love, and kindness.
• must avoid attempts at bringing the client into reality by denying the Client’s delusions, or raising the voice and arguing with the client. The client has a new reality and this must be respected. The right caregiver joins the client’s new reality, validates it, but then tries to distract, always trying to maintain a safe and protective environment.

Our Hollywood and Boca Raton home care agency locations are always receiving praise for the people we bring into other people's homes. Our dementia care nurses | caregivers and companions must also be astute, creative, friendly, energetic and help bring relaxation and peace to the Clients' lives.

Caregiver Blogs

Senior caregivers deal with a lot of stressful situations inside the senior's home when helping them to age in place. We suggest that during leisure time, elderly and family caregivers should read blogs written by other nurses and caregivers who succeed regularly in dealing with the most difficult of situations.

I like to recommend for our home helpers in South Florida to emulate tips taken from sites such as Nurse Virginia's in regards to providing quality home care.

The Age and the City blog is written by a USC student of Gerontology and her experiences with constructing mind-stimulating activities with seniors of moderate and advanced dementia. Nurse Virgina's blog is useful when it comes to hands on personal care and observation while Catherine Lee's Alzheimer's Blog meaningful activities for seniors.

We'd like to reach out to our senior caregivers and clients of Broward and Palm Beach County and ask if any one of you have a blog or website you would recommend to us to share to the rest of our clients and friends.

When We Love Our Grandparents

Many of us work in the field of aging because someone old once touched our lives. And it's a great thing in this world to be able to see beauty in the young and the old. One of the best ways we can repay someone who once cared for us is to find the best caregiver | top personal assistant for them when needed.

How to Report Elder Abuse in Florida

Many of us have come into contact when an elderly person that seems to be neglected or exhibits signs of abuse such as bruising. Some of us grew up learning how to mind our own businesses while others just don't know where to start to help.

The Florida Department of Elder Affairs is proactive in keeping elders safe in their environments. Please do not hesitate to notify authorities if you feel that an elderly is being mistreated. Please remember that most dependent and frail elderly people cannot or will not call for help themselves.

How To Report Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation

To report online: Go to DCF website

By phone: Call Florida Abuse Hotline at 1-800-96-ABUSE (1-800-962-2873). Press 2 to report suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation of the elderly or a vulnerable adult. This toll free number is available 24/7.

TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf): 1-800-453-5145.

By Fax: Please send a detailed written report with your name and contact telephone to 1-800-914-0004. Download the Florida's Abuse Hotline's fax reporting form.

Seniors Fighting On!

It's always nice to see a senior being able to take care of their own!

This woman could be one of the coolest grandmothers ever.

Not All Home Healthcare Agencies Are Equal

Not all home healthcare agencies are equal. The following video gives a report of how home care agencies in the UK have failed to provide seniors with responsible caregivers. Seniors have been dealing with no-shows that put them into hazardous and painful situations.

When choosing one of South Florida's home health care agencies, make sure to visit with the administrative staff or owner, to do all your research necessary to find out the credentials of the caregiver, and of course, to make sure you are receiving help from an accredited home health agency.

A Family Member HomeCare is proud to have two locations in South Florida (Hollywood and Boca Raton) and have been serving quality top-performing caregivers, home health aides, nurses, and companions for over a decade!

Caregivers Are the Breath of a Different Life

Caregivers are not the end of life. They are the start of a different life. Our independent lives could have been good or bad, but our later and more dependent lives can be wonderful with the right caregivers.

Some seniors require, fun, sprite, energetic caregivers to keep up with their still high-energy level pace. Contact us (1-866-992- 3264) for more information about finding the right caregiver for your loved seniors throughout South Florida.