Bridging the Gap with "Forever Young" Reality TV Show

Finally! Let's close the intergenerational gap between young and old by bringing viewers a comedy that has- young and old. This show is a "social experiment" that shows what happens when energetic under 30 year olds live under the same roof with feisty seniors. Stay tuned.


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I Still Care

I discovered this touching cartoon:

  senior couple dating love

It actually reminded me of my next door neighbors, an elderly couple in their 70s. They fought like teenagers. But after the loud argument that would last almost 20 minutes, I'd hear the man say in a softened voice, "Are you hungry? I can make us a steak dinner..." Half an hour later, they were laughing and speaking kindly again. 

Should Seniors Donate Organs?

old people reducing organ shortage
This article stood out to me because it reminded me of a time when I was a caregiver for a lady with Alzheimer's disease and we were watching a commercial about dementia. She ingenuously quipped at the commercial with, "I'm sure glad that I don't have dementia!" Finding her answer charming, I asked, "What would you do if you did get it?"

Her answer: "I would donate all my organs and die peacefully, not knowing that I was going, anyway." 

Will senior donors help solve the problem of organ shortage?  It might seem so considering the lower fertility rates we've been experiencing.

Modest studies reveal contradicting results of recipients that accept organs from seniors. In some cases, age of kidney does seem to correlate to shorter life expectancy (74.5% chance of living after five years with a kidney from a senior as opposed to 96% chance of living after five years with a kidney from a young donor). In other studies, no difference in results appeared. Not enough time has lapsed to conclude the effectiveness of old age organ donors with a longitudinal study, nor has enough been documented of the negative effects of donating at a much later age.

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Wells Fargo Sues for Foreclosure of Affordable Senior Housing


Wells Fargo sounds bad enough until you read the bit about Villa Biscayne investor Joseph Chapman the III who is allegedly another non-profiteer profiteering under the eyes of the state- until now. Single parents and young mothers will need to find other living arrangements of Wells Fargo wins but it also means the turn out of seniors that have already made these apartments and even trailers their homes.

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As scary as this sounds, I have faith that a foreclosure means that new investors with good intentions for the current residents will replace the old ones. *pray* I was just thinking that if the building became an assisted living facility, then perhaps those single mothers in there could train to become some of the finest Miami-Dade County senior caregivers | Homestead-Miami care companions to the seniors who are already living there and might need assistance. Great way for the building to become somewhat self-sustaining.

Dementia Care Costs More Than Heart Disease

Broward County long term care insurance

Dementia Care News from Boca Raton, South Florida, dementia care costs of $159 billion a year is higher than the cost of treatment for heart disease and cost of treatment for cancer! The highest payouts go to nursing homes and home health aides.

A very interesting study funded by the National Institute on Aging discerned the payout different to home health aides that worked directly with the senior with dementia and the cost to a family member or friend who worked for a senior for free. This report revealed that working for free was actually a larger cost ($56,290 year) compared to paying for a home health aide ($41,689 per year). Working for free might only be worth it if one is unable to get a job that pays much more than $57,000 a year.

For more on the article: Dementia Care Costs More than treating Heart Disease or Cancer.

My dreamy way around this is for the government to reinvent the Social Security System and use those monies solely for caregiving and end of life purposes instead of as disposable income, perhaps even forcing the lot of us to remain healthier longer and keeping up in the job force for as long as we possibly can... you know, as in going back to the main reason why Social Security was invented in the first place ;)

Back to reality: it would be nice to see the benefits of Long Term Care Insurance more readily exposed in American public.

For more information about how Long Term Care Insurance benefits | LTC for seniors can help you or a loved one with dementia, contact A Family Member Home Care Agency in Boca Raton | home health agency Palm Beach County for more information: 1(866) 99-A-FAMILY

Funny Caregiver Stories

senior humor old age funnies

Caregivers often share with each other funny moments they experienced their clients doing or did with them. These moments can be a delightfully great laugh and is what can really add to the bond between caregiver and Alzheimer client | dementia caregiver.

When I cared for Lo, a quirky senior women with late-stages dementia, she was still cheeky enough to reply with witty retorts. One day during a shopping activity, she came out of a dressing room with a shawl completely put on incorrectly. I told her that her "bits were hanging out." She responded, "Just the way the boys like it." We had a good laugh on that one.

In this:  Caregivers Stories: Funny Things That Elderly Parents, you can read similar funny and quirky stories.

A prelude: "My mom lived in an assisted care facility where everyone left their doors open. One man with Alzheimer's was restless and walked the halls endlessly. On one visit, she mentioned that he had tried to crawl into bed with her one night. I said what did you do?! She told him he was in the wrong room & he left. Then she added, "What good is a man in your bed if he can't remember anything..."

Push for Increased Medicaid Funding to Pay for 20,000 Jobs

Florida Hospital Association | South Florida News commissioned a report pushing for $51 million in Medicaid funding to help insure its over 1 million South Florida uninsured residents. University of Florida research confirms that receiving these funds would help lower health expenditures and stimulate the economy. So far, the proposal has been denied. Still, the proposal has been denied by Legislation.

I suppose that aside from trying to figure out other ways to alleviate health care costs, legislators would be wary about giving out more free money to those who can't afford it. Sometimes, it's almost better this way to keep at minimal those willing to take advantage of the system. In the meantime, it would be good to offer proposals of a better solution, for everyone's ease of mind. 

Get Together Support Groups for Alzheimer's

senior elderly services south florida

Research suggests that 5.4 million Americans are in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease | beginning stages of dementia. This is a very dangerous stage for these Americans that can become depressed, isolated, and feel as if they've been boxed in and kept from driving and other things they normally do every day in fear of hurting themselves or others.

However, support groups for these people exists. This spring, the Alzheimer's Association is launching a number of creative support groups within each of their chapters. One of these meets involves peer-to-peer support where one person receives counseling from another person who also has early-stage dementia. Other programs have targeted this group, including one modeled after Europe's Alzheimer's Cafe (or Memory Cafe), where seniors with Alzheimer's meet at a cafe to support each other.

For more on this article, After the Diagnosis, the Getogethers.

Our senior caregivers of Florida | Boca Raton home helpers are aware of such facilities that can benefit a person with Alzheimer's disease or dementia and assist them in going to such a program and similar meeting groups that offer these social-stimulating elder services and senior services. The best caregivers | top performance home helpers keep in mind that care requires nurturing of the bio-psycho-and-social aspects of their clients.